How to Stop Shoes From Rubbing Achilles Heel [5 Easy Ways]

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The problem of shoes rubbing the Achilles heel is one that many people have experienced. It can be painful, irritating, and even hard to ignore.

Luckily there are a few tips you can use to stop your shoes from rubbing your Achilles heel.

These tips will also help keep the shoe on better, so it does not slide off or become loose while wearing them.

What Causes Shoes to Injure Achilles Heel

Let’s explore the major causes of shoe injuring the Achilles heel, to understand the root cause and prevent future foot injury.

1. Small Shoe Size

The size of your shoes determines how comfortable they will be on your feet. To prevent injuries on the Achilles heel, you should wear shoes that have a perfect fit.

Having a perfect-fit shoe means that the shoe is neither smaller nor larger than your foot. It should be the ideal size for comfortable walking to prevent foot and leg injuries.

2. Unbalanced Shoes

One of the common injuries that unbalanced shoes can cause is twisting your ankle as you walk. The injury is likely to extend to the Achilles heel if one is not careful as they walk.

The balance of different shoes on your feet will depend on your level of pronation. This is the degree at which your foot tilts on the inside as it lands.

It is essential to ensure that your shoes are well-balanced to avoid ankle, Achilles heel, and leg injuries.

3. Wrong Shoe Choice

There are different shoes for different occasions. The type of shoes you choose for the office might not be very suitable for the gym.

Having the correct type of shoes for different occasions ensures that you are not at any point exposed to Feet Injuries.

4. Large-Size Shoes

Large-size shoes always leave a space between the shoe and your heel. This creates an opening for unnecessary foot movements, which can cause ankle or Achilles heel injuries.

This is why it is essential to choose perfectly fitting shoes.

How to Stop Shoes From Rubbing Achilles Heel

Shoes that rub on your Achilles’ Heel can be extremely painful. Luckily we have five simple solutions to ease your pain:

1. Get Proper Fit With Insoles

Apart from having a good fit, Shoe Insoles help by adding a slight lift to your foot, thus decreasing the surface area in contact with the back of your heel.

They provide a tight fit that helps reduce movement and friction between the shoe and the skin, lowering the chance of blisters.

Shoe insoles also make your shoes more comfortable and supportive. Check out the wide variety of insoles available on

2. Double or Thick Socks

If you wear socks often, you can wear your regular socks over a thinner pair or two pairs of socks.

The two socks slide across one another and help reduce the amount of friction between your inner shoes and your heel.

It also helps to prevent potential Achilles heel injuries.

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3. Use Moleskin

Moleskin is a durable, adhesive cotton fabric that is available in many stores worldwide. They help to reduce the rubbing and friction between your foot and shoe.

To effectively use a moleskin, cut a piece of the moleskin to size and line it to the heel of your shoe. This will also help improve fit, increase comfort, and ease the strain on your Achilles heels.

4. Use Heat

Using a hairdryer on medium heat, heat the back of your shoes until they become slightly malleable.

The warmed material will adjust and shape itself slightly to better fit the shape of your heel as you move around.

This method is very reliable for leather, suede, or cloth materials. It would be best if you were careful to keep the dryer close to your shoe for a short time to prevent burning them.

5. Visit the Cobbler

If your shoes are rubbing the back of your leg or heel and consequently cutting your Achilles heel, then something has to be done.

If you cannot deal with the pair yourself, visit your favorite cobbler shop and have your shoes stretched. If the shoes are made of leather, this is very reliable and convenient.

Final Words

This blog post has looked at tips to prevent shoes from rubbing against the Achilles heel and what else you should try if your feet are already rubbed and hurt.

We hope the information we have provided was sufficient and helpful!

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