Can You Wear Ugg Boots In The Snow? 5 Best Ugg Boots Alternatives For Snow

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Ugg boots are sheepskin boots made with twin-faced sheepskin and have fleece on the inside. This makes them perfect for cold weather but don’t make a blunder of wearing them in the snow!

Despite Ugg boots being invented as foot-warmers, they do not have the necessary features to protect you in snowy and wet conditions.

Ugg boots are not waterproof and will soak up water and snow like a sponge dipped in water. However, there are some products you use to waterproof the Ugg boots.

The boots have no solid traction and will cause slips and falls, which can be hazardous. Wet Ugg boots are heavy, and this causes wear and tear and reduces their durability.

Wet Ugg boots also make your feet extremely cold, make your feet well and leave you susceptible to fungi, frostbite, and cold feet.

Unlike other boots, Ugg boots are not sturdy and have poor arch support. This makes the lower limbs work harder, increasing the chances of developing a bad posture, knee pain, and back pain.

Another downside of wearing Ugg boots in the snow is that water and snow will leave marks on its beautiful suede exterior, thus ruining your expensive pair of Ugg.

With this in mind, we will give you excellent alternatives to meet all your needs in the snowy weather.

5 Best Ugg Boots Alternatives To Wear In The Snow

When it comes to the cold winter months, Uggs have been one of the most popular styles. However, due to its lack of waterproofness, other great options provide both style and comfort while you brave the elements.

Some of the best alternatives to Ugg boots in the snow are Snow Boots, Wellington Boots, Duck Boots, Chelsea Boots, and Bunny Boots.

1. Snow Boots

Snow Boots are specifically made to prevent snow from entering the boot and are great for muddy, wet, and snowy conditions.

They are waterproof, water-resistant, and have a high side to keep the snow out. They have a rubber sole to keep the water out and are always moderately to heavily insulated.

Unlike other ugg boots, they are made of easy-to-clean materials. They also offer excellent ankle support and grip that prevents the risk of injury and embarrassing falls.

2. Wellington Boots

Wellington Boots are commonly called gumboots because of the gum rubber they are made from. They are 100% waterproof and are usually worn when walking on muddy and wet grounds.

They are essential for farmers, young people going to school, and fishermen. They are lined with a warm insulating material to keep the feet warm and have excellent traction to prevent slippage on wet grounds.

Unlike Ugg boots, wellies have full safety footwear features, are watertight, slip-resistant, comfortable, and will save you a lot of money.

3. Duck Boots

This classic footwear is unbeaten when it comes to protection from wet and cold winter conditions.

Duck Boots are sturdy waterproof boots with a rubber lower section and a leather upper section. They have an over-the-ankle fit and are versatile and comfortable.

Their waterproof feature guarantees that your feet and socks will remain dry at any time. They are insulated and have a flannel lining that provides warmth, and this makes them warmer than rainboots.

Additionally, their grippy sole avoids slippage on wet and snowy grounds.

Insulated duck boots are the best, as they guarantee warmth and insulation from the elements. Ensure that your duck boots have enough room to wear warm socks when necessary.

4. Chelsea Boots

Unlike Ugg boots, Chelsea boots are comfortable and stylish and still protect you from the elements. They are easy to slip on and off and can be dressed up and down.

Chelsea boots are made from leather or suede, so be sure to purchase a waterproof style or use a water-repellant spray during wet and snowy conditions.

Chelsea boots will keep water from your shoes and provide the extra warmth needed on the coldest winter days.

Their high-traction soles keep your feet grounded even in slippery, snowy conditions, making them a great alternative for Ugg boots.

5. Bunny Boots

Bunny Boots are also known as Mickey Mouse Boots or Extreme Cold Vapour Barrier Boots. These large, waterproof rubber boots are perfect for frigid weather and fit perfectly on woolen socks.

Bunny Boots come in black and white colors and are ideal for engineering, defense, and army personnel.

The boots are resistant to water, oil, diesel, and other liquids and keep feet from allergies—rashes, sweating, and frostbite. Although heavy, they are durable and slippage free.

The boots are used by snow cleaners in artic areas and are repairable. They also prevent leg and ankle sprains and splints and provide maximum comfort.

All these features make them more suitable for snowy conditions than Ugg boots.


Ugg boots are not engineered for snow; they are best suited for cold weather and moderate snowfall. If you live in an area with a lot of snow, buying a different type of boot is better suited for the conditions is best.

In this article, we have gone through the five best alternatives to wearing Ugg boots in the snow. We hope this article has been beneficial.

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