How To Waterproof Sorel Boots (5 Ways To Waterproof Sorel Boots)

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Waterproofing your Sorel boots is essential in protecting them and ensuring they last for years.

To guarantee maximum waterproofing of your boots, purchase a sealant specifically made for the type of material (suede, leather, rubber) that makes up your particular pair.

While it may take more time than is necessary to properly waterproof the boots, following the instructions provided with the sealant will help ensure that no moisture penetrates its surface.

For best results, make sure you clean and dry your boots thoroughly before applying the waterproof solution. Doing so will help ensure that all moisture has been removed from their interior before you attempt to make them water-resistant on the outside.

Taking these steps will give you peace of mind knowing your beloved Sorel boots are now impervious to rain or snowfall!

This article will explore the five best products to waterproof your Sorel boots and highlight the benefits of waterproofing Sorel Boots. Read on to learn more.

How To Waterproof Sorel Boots

Sorel boots are a great investment because they last long and can be worn in all weather conditions.

If you take care of them by waterproofing them regularly, you’ll be able to enjoy your Sorel boots for many years to come.

Below are the five most effective and efficient methods and products for waterproofing Sorel boots.

1. Mink Oil Paste 

Whether your sorel boots are for working, hiking, or protecting you against the elements, there’s a likelihood that they will come with an initial waterproof treatment.

However, for them to protect you in the long term, you will need to treat them regularly.

The Angelus Mink Oil Paste is ideal for waterproofing vinyl, plastic, suede, leather, and more. It will help prevent water and salt stains and can also be used on your white Sorel boots.

The oil has no silicone and comes with an aerosol can that you can easily spray directly on your boots. Apart from adding a waterproofing layer, it also hydrates and conditions your boots and makes them durable.

2. Waterproofing Spray

Waterproofing sprays are specifically made for synthetic, suede, nubuck, and leather materials. 

The Nikwax Nubuck and Suede Proof Waterproofing is top choice from, and it is unscented and provides water-repellent properties to Sorel boots while still maintaining their texture. 

It is also water-based, non-persistent, and has no PFCs. It helps the boot material maintain breathability and also protects against stains. Ensure that your boots are clean before application. 

To use, hold the can about 6 inches away from the boot and spray a thin, even coat. Check the product description to determine if your sorel boots need a second coat.

3. Beeswax Waterproofing

Beeswax is best used for waterproofing leather and suede Sorel boots. The Atsko Sno-Seal Beeswax is a great option and will keep water from seeping into your Sorel boots while still allowing the leather to breathe. 

Waterproofing your boots with this wax will protect them from snow, rain, sun, and snow. Before using the product, warm it slightly with a hairdryer and apply a thin layer with a clean cloth. Remove any excess and buff to shine. 

The formula will dry to a solid wax that will stay put for a long time. This product is excellent at getting to the nooks and crannies that other products might not.

4. Shoe Protector Spray

The Saphire Medaille d’Or Super Invulner is a waterproof shoe protector spray with a long-standing and outstanding reputation for quality and durability, especially when used on Sorel Boots. 

It is also compatible with any fabric, even silk! These two properties are rare to find in one product, making Saphire more expensive than the rest of the products we have reviewed. 

It protects, waterproofs, and also acts as an anti-stain treatment for your boots. It has a neutral color and a slow-drying formula that ensures no stains are left after application. 

To use, hold the can 12-18 inches away from your boots and spray a thin layer. Allow it to dry for 30 minutes.

5. Water Repellent Spray

Water repelant sprays, such as the KIWI Camp Dry Water Repellent Spray offers heavy-duty silicone protection for any outdoor gear. It is not only great for footwear but also camping gear, i.e., tents and clothing. 

Its formula bonds create a formidable water barrier while allowing your Sorel boots to breathe. 

Note that this product darkens the boots’ material, so avoid using it if you like the original color of your boots or light-colored boots. Ensure you do a spot test on an inconspicuous area before application.

Benefits of Waterproofing Sorel Boots

Waterproofing Sorel boots is a great way to keep your feet comfortable and protected in all types of weather. Waterproof treatment lets your sorel boots stay dry and stylish against the elements.

In addition, the waterproof material prevents dirt and debris from getting inside the boot, keeping your feet safe and healthy.

Other benefits of waterproofing Sorel boots include:

1. Enhance Durability

Waterproofing protects the shoes from the elements and hydrates and conditions your Sorel boots, preventing them from breaking down quickly.

When water seeps into the boot material, the boots are heavy and can make the seams fall apart. Waterproofing, therefore, helps to maintain the strength and durability of Sorel boots.

2. Keeps Feet Dry

Keeping your feet dry is the main aim of waterproofing your boots. When walking through mud, puddles, or rivers, waterproofing helps to keep your toes and feet dry at all times.

Wet and clammy feet are uncomfortable and can lead to foot infections or frostbite.

3. Protect Feet From Injury

Water seeps into the pores and crevices of your skin and makes them soft. This leaves them prone to abrasion and rubbing, increasing the likelihood of developing blisters.

Waterproofing your Sorel boots will keep your feet dry and reduce the likelihood of developing blisters.

4. Increase Flexibility

Waterproofing your Sorel boots will give you the confidence to plunge through deep streams and puddles with no worries.

You will also not hesitate to spritz around during downpours or winter as you are sure your feet are well protected. You can now explore comfortably and freely with your Sorel boots!


Sorel boots are an excellent investment for those who want quality footwear that will last. Proper care ensures that your Sorel boots can be waterproofed and last many years.

Follow the steps outlined in this blog post to ensure that your Sorel boots stay in good condition and withstand any weather conditions.

Thanks for reading, and I hope this post was helpful. Do you have any tips on how to waterproof Sorel boots? Please share with our team!

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