How to Make Ugg Slippers Fluffy Again – 5 Proven Methods

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Does your Ugg slipper feel like they’ve lost their original plush and silky feeling? No one wants to wear uncomfortable or stiff shoes, especially while relaxing indoors!

Fortunately, there are simple do-it-yourself methods that you can use to restore the signature fluffiness of your beloved Uggs.

So why does Ugg slippers lose their fluffiness? The main reason is that the natural wool material used in most Uggs, starts to dry up and lose its natural texture and featheriness and will also begin to feel a bit rough on your feet.

This blog post will reveal step-by-step instructions on how to make those fluffy, cuddly, and cozy slippers feel brand new again in just a few easy steps. So get ready to learn about bringing life back into your favorite indoor companion!

How To Make Ugg Slippers Fluffy

Ugg slippers are a deliciously cozy item of footwear to own and wear during the colder months. However, to keep them looking and feeling as luxurious, it is important to take care of them properly.

With regular care and maintenance, you can enjoy your Ugg slippers all season long!

Below are five proven ways of re-fluffing your favorite Ugg Slippers:-

1. Use a Brush Cleaner

Many people use the slicker brush to clean their pets. In the same way, the brushes are used to fluff up pets in the same way they will rejuvenate the wool in Ugg slippers. 

Using the brush is very simple. You first have to dab the inside with a clean cloth and then use the slicker brush to brush the Ugg fiber thoroughly the same way you comb your hair. 

You can then use your hair dryer to dry the inside of your shoes. 

The market is awash with the best slicker brushes, so you don’t have to worry about not getting one that suits your preference.

We recommend the Shacke Suede & Nubuck 4-Way Brush Cleaner, as you won’t need to purchase any other additional brushes with this one stop 4-way brush head.

2. Use Baking Soda

Baking soda is considered a miracle ingredient that is necessary for every household. Outside its original use as a cooking ingredient, it has multiple uses, especially in cleaning. 

Many people use baking soda to deodorize their Ugg slippers when they have a bad smell. Baking soda also removes grime from the sheepskin, therefore, restoring the fluff. 

How to Use:-

  • Use a pet brush/ suede brush to spread the baking soda on the soiled areas. 
  • Let it rest for 15 minutes.
  • Brush away the dirt and baking soda residue.
  • Aerate the slippers and let them dry naturally.

3. Sheepskin Cleaner and Conditioner

Uggs are predominantly made of sheepskin, which is relatively available in Australia, the Ugg capital. The other materials include wool and cotton.

A sheepskin cleaner and conditioner, therefore, removes tough stains and provides a clean and bright look to the delicate Sheepskin footwear.

We highly recommend the Moneysworth Sheepskin Cleaner & Conditioner, as it’s the best sheepskin cleaner guaranteed to keep your fluffy Ugg slippers cleaned and conditioned and rejuvenate the delicate Ugg slippers. 

How to Use:-

  • You will need to add a few drops of the shampoo to a bowl with cool water. 
  • Soak a paper towel in the solution and wring to remove any excess water. 
  • Wipe the fleece material inside the Ugg slippers with the dampened paper towel. You will need to wipe severally depending on how dirty the material is. 
  • Once you are satisfied with the results, use a pet brush to remove any matting and fluff the fleece by combing it gently in one direction. 
  • Finally, dry the inside with a hair dryer on its coolest setting.

4. UGG Shoe Care Kit

The UGG Shoe Care Kit is a non-toxic and biodegradable shoe care cleaner and conditioner, protectant and freshenner that is made from natural ingredients, such as jojoba and coconut oils. 

This means the natural ingredients are safe to use on both the sheep skin and fluffy woolen insoles. 

It is recommended not to use a washing machine when cleaning your Ugg slippers with this product. 

This cleaning kit includes the cleaner and conditioner, protector, freshener, and a bamboo handle brush and suede scuff eraser.

How to use:-

  • Before application, moisten the entire shoe with clean, cold water and then apply the cleaner on a sponge. 
  • Scrub gently and rinse in clean, cold water. Do not dry the slippers in direct sunlight/ heat. 
  • When your Ugg slippers dry, use the soft side of your brush and lightly brush in one direction only. 
  • Finally, apply the conditioner and protector to revitalize and restore the Ugg slippers’ original fluffiness.
  • You can also apply the freshener if desired.

5. Replace The Insoles

The wool and sheepskin inside your Ugg slippers will become compressed over time. Sometimes, using the products available to restore fluffiness will not help rejuvenate the fluffiness, but that doesn’t mean you throw away your slippers. 

Most Ugg boots have interchangeable innersoles that you can replace with the original ones. Check out is filled with new fluffy insoles for less than 20$ that will blend with any Ugg slippers. 

The innersoles are cut to fit any size, are breathable, comfortable, and provide extra support when walking.

What Makes Ugg Slippers Lose Their Fluffiness?

Now that we have gone through the five proven methods to make Ugg boots fluffy and revitalized, it is essential to understand the reason why they lose their fluffiness in the first place.

Below are the main reasons:-

1. Too Much Wear

The main reason why Ugg Slippers lose their fluffiness is because, over time, sheepskin and wool fibers begin to break down from friction and the accumulation of dirt, leaving them looking less than desirable.

Although Ugg slippers will guarantee years of service, the fleece will eventually wear out. The moisture, heat, and being crushed by the foot constantly will wear out the sheepskin and make it lose its fluffiness.

2. Dirt and Mud 

Ugg slippers are made with a delicate material that stains easily with the slightest speck of mud/dirt.

It is important to clean the sheepskin inside your boots often to prevent the build-up of dirt that clumps up to mud, affecting the slippers’ fluffiness.

3. Wearing with Socks

Unless it is really necessary, or you have very sweaty feet, we do not recommend wearing Ugg slippers with socks.

The Uggs are designed to give the wearer a full experience of sheepskin comfort. Wearing socks will also hinder the sheepskin from molding to your feet.

This will inhibit weight distribution, decrease cushioning, and support, and will, in time, reduce the fluffiness of the Ugg Slippers.

4. Lack of Proper Care

If you don’t make it a habit of brushing up the wool frequently, your Uggs will lose their fluffiness and reduce their durability. 

There are Ugg-recommended techniques and products for cleaning the inside of the slippers. 

Not following the proper cleaning procedure will make the material deteriorate and age quickly, becoming stiff and uncomfortable.


If your Ugg slippers have seen better days and are in need of a little TLC, don’t despair. -With a few household items and a little elbow grease, you can make your favorite slippers fluffy and soft again.

Proper care can significantly extend their lifespan! Make sure you never machine wash your Uggs and always spot clean when necessary; this will help keep the fibers intact and prevent excessive wear in high-traffic areas.

Give the above method a try next time your Uggs need some reviving – you will be surprised at how well it works!

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