Why are Golden Goose Shoes so Expensive? | 6 Reasons Revealed

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Have you ever wondered why Golden Goose sneakers can cost hundreds of dollars? While there are many theories of why they carry such a hefty price tag, it all comes down to one key factor: attention to quality.

From the company’s dedication to craftsmanship and use of premium materials to its careful production processes and branding choices, each element that goes into making these shoes makes them well worth their reputation and what they charge for them.

Golden Goose shoes are also made from diverse materials, and each pair is crafted with the utmost attention to detail, resulting in a truly unique and personalized product in a world where fast fashion and mass production are the norm.

Read on as we explore exactly why Golden Goose sneakers command such a high price point.

#6 Reasons Why Golden Goose Shoes are so Expensive

Golden Goose offers something different – a shoe that is not only fashionable but also durable and practical.

The value is clear for those willing to invest in a pair; these shoes are not just another trend but a true investment in quality footwear that will last for years.

Below are six main reasons why Golden Goose shoes are so expensive:

1. They are Handmade

Handmade shoes drive up the cost of production. Here are a few reasons why. Handmade golden goose shoes require skilled workers to stitch and put together the shoes, including minor details such as the distressing look that the shoes are known for.

These workers command better wages compared to ordinary shoemakers. Since skilled artisans make golden goose shoes, they take longer to leave the factory for the market. This drives up the price of the shoes to compensate the skilled artisans and the company for the time used to create the shoe.

2. Use the Highest Quality Materials

Golden Goose sneakers are not made from just any materials. Being an Italian luxury brand means that the company sources the best materials in the market. This included using calfskin leather which is quite expensive to purchase.

Why is calfskin leather expensive? This type of leather is expensive because it comes from claves. Not just any ordinary calf but healthy claves and dietary-restricted cows, to produce high-quality hides for premium leather production.

The cost of raising healthy calves involves a lot of care and quality feeds which drives the price of rearing such calves expensive. As a result of the capital-intensive care required to produce healthy calves, calfskin leather becomes costly.

Golden Goose also uses high-quality, full-grain leather that has not been sanded or buffed to retain the natural texture and grain of the hide. Other materials include canvas, denim, synthetic materials, and suede and nubuck leather.

3. They are a High-End Fashion Brand

The golden goose is a high-end Italian Luxury brand. This means that the name of the brand plays a huge role in the overall pricing of the shoe. Like other luxury brands, golden goose shoes are meant for wealthy people and celebrities.

You will find them donning the feet of celebrities, C.E. O.s, and businessmen and women. Unlike ordinary brands, the shoes must retail at higher prices to maintain their reputation among other luxury brands. Golden Goose shoes retail from $400 to $1,000, depending on the features of the shoes.

4. They are Limited Edition Shoes

Another reason golden goose shoes are expensive is that they are limited edition shoes. The fact that the shoes are handmade plays a considerable role in making them limited edition shoes in the following ways.

Handmade shoes take a lot of time to produce compared to machine-made shoes. This means only a handful of golden goose shoes leave the factory over the course of the production years.

Another factor to consider is that no two shoes are the same. This is because the process of putting together, especially the distressing process, which is done by hand, makes unique skid and wear marks.

Finally, different editions are produced for different years. All these factors make the shoes unique and, therefore, expensive.

5. They are Collectibles

As we have learned from the point above, golden goose shoes are unique. No two Goolden Goose sneakers are alike. The labor-intensive manufacturing process makes this reality so.

In addition, different shoes are made each year, meaning the shoe’s color, art, and crafting are unique each year.

Since the shoes are handmade, only a few shoes leave the factory each year, meaning that the shoes are a rare sight which is a good thing for collectors since they collect rare items.

Moreover, since they are collectibles, the prices of the shoes are higher than those of ordinary brands.

6. Use Lots of Materials

The wide variety of materials used to make this type of quality shoes raises the product cost. We have already talked about calfskin leather and why it is expensive. Apart from the leather, the golden goose shoe company uses premium cotton to make their laces. This type of cotton is costly compared to standard cotton, which wears out over the years.

Besides this, the shoe company uses loopback cotton toweling inside the shoe to ensure their customers are comfortable and cozy when wearing the shoes, no matter the weather.

Finally, the shoes feature tall leather insoles, which means using more materials to achieve the shoe height. All these factors play a huge role in making golden goose shoes expensive.

Final Words

In conclusion, Golden Goose sneakers have made a lasting impression in the fashion world with their creative designs and high-quality materials. These sneakers may be an ideal choice for those who want to make a statement with their shoes and are willing to pay the steep asking price.

With the comfort and freedom that comes from wearing these premium shoes and the promise of each pair being quite unique, it’s easy to see why many people choose to spend their hard-earned money on this exclusive footwear.

If you’ve been curious about Golden Goose shoes but needed to be sure they were worth buying, we hope this blog post has provided enough information to make an informed decision.

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