How to Waterproof Leather Boots Without Changing Color | 6 Effective Techniques

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Waterproofing leather boots is a great way to ensure that your footwear lasts longer and looks great in all kinds of weather, But how do you waterproof leather boots While keeping the original color intact?

This can be a tricky and complex process, so you must ensure your expensive leather boots investment is well protected and lasts as long as possible. If you’ve been searching for ways to waterproof your new leather boots without affecting the color, then you’re in luck!

In this blog post, we’ll teach you everything there is to know about how to waterproof leather boots effectively so that they stay looking great and remain waterproof no matter what elements come their way.

How to Waterproof Leather Boots Without Changing Color

Nothing is more infuriating than spending a lot of money on a nice pair of leather boots, only for them to change color and get ruined the first instance you waterproof them.

However, there is good news, following some simple steps and using specialized waterproofing products can ensure that your boots retain their look and stay good as new for years to come.

Let us go through these steps and products below:

1. Leather Honey Conditioner

The Leather Honey Leather Conditioner is the number-one best-seller conditioner that is non-toxic and great for use on leather apparel, furniture, shoes, bags, and auto interiors.

Please do not use it on faux leather, suede, or vinyl. The leather honey will penetrate deep to protect new leather and rejuvenate old leather.

It acts as a water-repellent that makes the leather breathe. The product has no silicone or solvents and is odorless.

To apply, use a leather honey lint-free applicator cloth and spot test in a discreet area before coating your boot with a thin, even layer. The product should be at room temperature or warmed slightly before use.

2. Saphir Medaille d’Or Super Invulner

This made-in-France waterproof spray is crafted with natural and efficient materials. It will waterproof your boots and act as an anti-stain treatment for all types of leather. 

It guarantees safety on even the finest leather and leaves no white stains or discoloration on the leather. The product also protects the leather from wear and keeps them in the best condition. 

To use the Saphir Medaille d’Or Super Invulner, Waterproof Spray, spray the product at a distance of 12-18 inches and allow it to dry for 30 minutes.

3. Water Repellent Spray

Boot protector and water repellant spray such as the RepelWell Shoe & Boot Stain & Water Repellent is an eco-friendly, pet-safe spray that protects your leather, suede, and fabric from dirt, stain, and rain. 

The product can be used on all shoe types, including Ugg, leather, suede, sneakers, heels, dress shoes, sandals, ballet slippers, work boots, etc. 

Its hydrophobic technology creates an ultra-thin layer that repels water, snow, stains, coffee, wine, and many more. 

The product does not change the color of the leather or fabric and will hold up to 24 months from application. It will also keep your footwear cleaner and looking new, and longer.

4. Stain Resistant Barrier Spray

Stain Resistant Barrier spray protects leather boots from repelling liquids, spillages, and stains. They also have waterproofing technology that will give you the confidence and your leather boots the protection they need.

We highly recommend the Crep Protect Rain & Stain Resistant Barrier, as it is safe for suede, linen, nubuck, and canvas shoes. The product also uses nanotechnology, creating a protective barrier from rain and stains. 

The aerosol provides an invisible protective coat that dries quickly and will not affect the performance, feel, and look of your boots/shoes. 

This product will hold up to 2-4 weeks. The 200ml spray bottle can protect up to 12 pairs of boots. For best results, apply two coats.

5. Waterproof Shoe Cover

Shoe covers are another great way of waterproofing leather boots without changing color. We highly recommend the VBoo Shoe Covers with Zipper.

The VBoo Shoe covers have a zipper and hard soles for use in rainy and snowy conditions. They are an excellent alternative for products that your use directly on your leather boots. 

Suppose you don’t want to risk discoloration or fading of your boots. In that case, these easy-to-carry, reusable, and fully waterproof shoe covers will protect your leather boots from mud, rain, snow, and sand damage and can be used for both indoor and outdoor activities. 

These shoe covers have an anti-slip structure to prevent slippage and an elastic strap design for easy adjustment. Avoid galoshes when wearing shoes with thick soles, pointed toes, metal decorations, or high-heeled.

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Why Leather Boots Change Color After Waterproofing Them

The source of color change in leather boots after waterproofing them is the applied protective surface. The protective surface creates a chemical reaction with the tanned hide of the leather and causes a reaction that changes the leather’s original color.

Depending on the type of waterproofing chosen for your boots, this color change can range from a deeper shade of the current shade to an entirely new color, such as black in place of brown.

The goal of any waterproofing technique is to fully protect your favorite footwear while preserving its original look, making it essential to know what kind of reaction you can expect before you waterproof your beautiful leather boots.

The other causes of color change include:

1. Use of Wax

The market is flooded with a myriad of waterproofing wax that adds a hydrophobic layer to your leather boots to make them waterproof.

However, it is essential to note that waterproofing wax (especially the non-liquid version) may darken the leather in light color tones. It is therefore important to remove the wax from the leather safely.

This is because, as wax enters the leather, it reacts chemically with the natural leather and bleaches the original color of the leather boots. This leaves the leather looking faded and ashy.

2. Sunlight Exposure

After waterproofing your boots, drying them using direct sunlight will do more harm than good.

Exposing leather boots to the sun will make them fade rapidly, leading to the drying and cracking of the material. Instead, place them in an area with average temperatures and good ventilation.

3. Use of Oil

The use of Leather Oils will notably darken your leather boots. If you enjoy and want to maintain the original color of your leather boots, we recommend avoiding oils.

However, if your greatest concern is waterproofing your boots without regard to color change, then oiling is among the best ways of protecting your boots.

4. Using Wrong Products

All waterproofing products are meant for the same purpose, but each is not made equal. Some products are manufactured to use on different types of colored leather, and the use of the wrong variant will change the color of your boots.

Some are made explicitly for fine-grain leather, while others are made for genuine leather, full-grain leather, artificial leather, suede leather, faux leather, or nubuck, so ensure that you consult or read the instructions well before using any product.

Final Words

In conclusion, properly waterproofing your leather boots can be the difference between a comfortable day out and an uncomfortable one. By following these simple steps, you can ensure that your boots will stay waterproofed without changing color.

Do you have any waterproofing tips for leather boots? Share them with us in the comments below! And, if you’re looking for more great fashion tips, be sure to check out our blog. We post new weekly articles that will help you look your best.

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